[Rezension] Shattered 03 - Teri Terry

Infos zum Buch:
Autor/-in: Teri Terry
Preis: 7,90€
Seitenanzahl: 401
Verlag: Orchard Books
Reihe: Slated-Trilogie
1. Slated
2. Fractured
3. Shattered

Achtung Spoilergefahr! Es handelt sich um den 3. Band einer Trilogie!

Kyla's memory was erased, her personality wiped blank, her memories lost for ever. Or so she thought. After the shocking events of SLATED and FRACTURED, we return to Kyla's oppressive world as she tries to make sense of her life and everything around her. Set in a disturbing near-future world, this is the conclusion to an engrossing, fast-paced trilogy that establishes Teri Terry as a master thriller writer. Book 3 in the acclaimed SLATED trilogy.

Erster Satz:
"It doesn't look much from the outside."